About Momento

Momento is a unique place in the heart of Marbella, for those who love the music.

Momento is a mixture of cultures, a place to connect and share, and above all that, a temple for music lovers

The temple aims to take you to a whole new reality, where just the present matters and the rhythm of the music serves a bigger purpose. We have created four unique spaces for you to explore, taste and feel. Allow yourself to surrender to the most primary sensation: the joy of living.

  • Best selection of artists.
  • Nikkei Cuisine.
  • Premium cocktails.


Let us guide you through a gastronomical journey

In almost every culture, food has long served both a physical and spiritual role. With that, many traditions and intentions are passed down. Every meal we eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Becoming aware of this and working with it consciously is the foundation of spiritual nutrition.

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Soon to be unveiled

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The fun doesn't just stay indoors

Made for hanging out, entertaining, and sharing drinks with family and friends, outdoor living is a part of coastal life. Lounge peacefully with cocktails or fill the space with memories by dancing into the sunset. The perfect ambiance for the upcoming summer nights.


Urbanizacion Villa Parra Palomeras
68 29602 Marbella

Events: +34 653 67 76 44
Booking:+34 653 67 76 44
Enquiries: info@momentomarbella.com